The Wolf Among Us 2 : un an et demi après le premier jeu

Although Telltale Games no longer exists in its original form, a few studios continue its legacy.


The Wolf Among Us’ sequel was announced more than two years ago at 2019 The Game Awards. Since then, a lot of time has passed, and WCCFTech cited Game Informer issue #342 (not for the first time today), where we can read an interview with Nick Herman, AdHoc Studio’s COO and co-founder. He also was one of the directors of the first game.

“The Wolf Among Us 2 takes place after Snow White steps in as Deputy Mayor of Fabletown, which gets us closer to where the comic starts, but Bigby is still struggling to make the transition from the typical fairytale villain to Sheriff and protector. This season explores more of the nuances and difficulties of hiding in plain sight, dealing with primarily new Moles, and taking place all over New York. The city at large plays a more significant role this time around.

Creatively, it’s had the most time in the oven out of any Telltale game ever, so we hope that comes through in the final product. I’m excited for fans to have a chance to explore its new themes. Without resealing things, it’s even more about the human experience of being a Fable, which, like the comic, strips away the fantasy and leaves the player with a lot of uncomfortable and messy decisions to make,” Herman said.

He added that Telltale/AdHoc previously contacted Deck Nine (Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Life is Strange: True Colors) about co-developing The Wolf Among Us 2, but they went another path: “We visited Deck Nine early into the reboot of Wolf 2 to discuss possible co-development, but we quickly realized that we wanted to give this talented team more room to run on a project that didn’t have limitations and expectations predetermined by being a sequel,” Herman added.

Telltale and Deck Nine now work together on an adaptation for The Expanse, featuring Camina Drummer.

Source: WCCFTech

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