La licence FIFA est-elle entre de nouvelles mains ?

There’s an incredible rumor that a publisher has picked up the license that Electronic Arts stopped using last year, because remember, their annual soccer game was released last year as EA Sports FC 24.


On Twitter, Mohplay Inc. posted that FIFA has signed a new deal that could see the brand return to store shelves as early as this year after a one-year hiatus. According to the user, Take-Two, or more specifically its subsidiary 2K, may have made the deal to use the license, and the parties have reportedly already signed a contract, so FIFA 2K25 could be released in the fall, which will also coincide with the next project, FIFA World Cup 2K26, and that will also be made by 2K, not EA Sports.

So if what Mohplay Inc claims is true, there could be two football games a year (or three if you include eFootball, which has gone free-to-play and was previously called Pro Evolution Soccer at Konami), and this time the license would be under Take-Two, not Electronic Arts. But let’s not forget another factor: licensing costs. That is why Andrew Wilson’s company decided to break with FIFA after decades!

According to IGN, FIFA wanted $250 million a year from Electronic Arts, but that was for a game that was released every year. FIFA may have lowered their demands since then, as they may have realized how much they had to lose by not working with Electronic Arts, and would settle for a lower amount to get the brand back in the game.

EA Sports FC is still essentially referred to by the public as FIFA, so if Take-Two were to release a soccer game that really used the FIFA branding (who would develop that?), it could capture the public’s attention. But this is just a rumor, so who knows how much truth there is to it…

Source: Reddit, IGN

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